Important update to candidates re MRCS Part B and DOHNS Part 2 in UK and Ireland

28 Jan 2021

Important update on the MRCS Part B and DO-HNS Part 2 examinations in the UK and Ireland


Following our announcement last month that the MRCS Part B and DO-HNS Part 2 examinations would not take place in February 2021, ICBSE can now confirm that the next MRCS Part B and DO-HNS Part 2 examinations will take place in May 2021, as originally scheduled.


Given the ongoing pandemic, the four Surgical Royal Colleges of the United Kingdom and in Ireland have concluded it is not possible to reschedule the examinations that were due to take place in February 2021. Candidates will be aware that many other organisations offering examinations have had to make the same difficult decisions.


More information about the MRCS Part B and DO-HNS Part 2 examination schedule for 2021 is available on the respective college websites. Candidates who were expecting to take their examination in February 2021 will be able to move their entry to either the May or October 2021 examinations.


The decision to cancel the February 2021 MRCS Part B and DO-HNS Part 2 examinations has been taken in the knowledge that JCST has derogations in place that ensure trainees’ progression will not be affected by the inability to take the examination before May this year.


Irish Trainees with any queries relating to progression to ST3 as a result of not having been able to pass the MRCS Part B exam due to cancellations should contact RCSI Surgical Affairs directly.


ICBSE recognises the disruption that cancelling the February 2021 examinations may cause to candidates. We would like to assure candidates that the decision was taken following extensive discussions with all stakeholders.


We are very aware of the difficult working conditions that surgical trainees are having to cope with at the moment. We would like to give full recognition to the enormous effort everyone is contributing to the health service during the pandemic.